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The opportunity to live the American dream and immerse oneself in the culture of other countries is what leads many people to leave Brazil and try their luck in another nation. However, often when immigrants land in a new country, they end up in what are called 'underemployment' due to lack of documentation, and they become undocumented because they believe that obtaining a work visa is an impossible feat. What many people are unaware of is that the United States, for instance, offers 187 different types of visas for foreigners.

In recent years, the profession of personal trainer has emerged as one of the easiest and most viable alternatives for these immigrants, as working in the American soil doesn’t require a physical education degree from a university. The only requirement is to have completed a recognized vocational course in the country. Active in the American market since 2013, Link Education has become one of the pathways that has aided Brazilian students the most in their quest for a work visa over the past nine years. During this period, more than 1.5 thousand students have graduated. It’s the only school in the world that offers a certification recognized by the American Department of Education, and the courses serve as the gateway to kick-starting the visa application process.

According to Link Education’s CEO, Jacqueline Zieff, many people end up giving up on immigrating even before attempting because they believe the process is far from their reality, when in fact, it’s quite the opposite. “We’ve developed vocational courses with the aim of assisting these students who aspire to live abroad. It’s the opportunity they have to gain international experience on their resumes and a new life perspective. The first step is to muster the courage to make this change.”

In addition to the personal trainer course, the school also offers certification in nutrition coaching (a professional who aids in behavioral change regarding dietary habits). Both of these courses can be used by candidates in their visa applications. One of the main pieces of advice given by Jacqueline relates to immersing oneself in the local culture. This includes communication in the language, which is why English becomes a necessary and vital investment for success in the new country, especially for those wishing to live in the US. To give an idea, a non-English-speaking personal trainer is paid $50 per hour. On the other hand, those who speak English can earn up to $200 per hour. “It’s a well-paying career that’s increasingly valued not only in the US but also around the world. The investment is very low when considering that you can complete the course in 12 weeks and with that diploma, you can work anywhere. It’s a portable profession, and sessions can be conducted online or in person,” Jacqueline explains.

Upon graduating from Link Education, she highlights that candidates are automatically opening up a world of new possibilities and horizons, not to mention the real possibility of becoming legal in the country they’ve always dreamt of living in. To work as a personal trainer, one needs just a technical course along with any fitness-related experience, which will count towards the visa validation. “You might have done martial arts, ballet, taught physical education to children in school, or even engaged in a social project. Everything counts in the assessment of your application.” Jacqueline points out that a doctor, for example, needs to have studied at a university in the US to live and work legally there. On the other hand, a personal trainer can obtain the visa with just this vocational course. “That’s why this profession has been growing so much in recent years. Americans increasingly value their quality of life, and that’s where the personal trainer and nutrition coach come in—these are the two courses we offer at the school and that are worth the investment.”

VISAS – With over 100 different visas, the US stands out as one of the main destinations for immigrants. According to the sales director of the Hayman-Woodward law firm, specializing in visa processes, Luiz Franca Filho, the country seeks people with intellectual and labor capacity and with expertise that contributes to the economy’s growth. Regarding personal trainers, he emphasizes that the American government is increasingly concerned about its population’s quality of life, leading to a growth in professionals in this field. “Today, Americans take care of themselves much more than in the past, and this applies to all age groups. So, investing in this area is highly advantageous.”

Irrespective of the type of visa, the validation process typically lasts between eight to 18 months. The investment ranges from $20,000 to $50,000, but each case is individually studied. “A candidate who takes the personal trainer course and begins working in the country can recoup the investment within six months,” he estimates. Among the documents required by the consular sector are the diploma, resume, letter of recommendation, awards, and honors of the candidate. Franca emphasizes that any extra document holds significant power in the process, as it serves as additional proof of the person’s experience in that profession. “You might not have studied physical education, but if you have at least 10 years of experience in the field, it helps you greatly. When you take the Link Education course, this will be added to your experience in the field, and the chances of your application being approved are very high.”

In the case of someone graduating in physical education in Brazil, having five years of work experience is sufficient. Besides the aesthetics field, other professions that have seen high demand in the US, especially since the start of the pandemic, are physiotherapists, doctors, engineers, nurses, and supply chain managers (logistics management).


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