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An international event brought together fitness industry professionals in Florianópolis.

The company is organizing its first event in Brazil this Sunday, in Florianópolis. Geared towards the fitness community, the meeting will focus on the latest trends in this market.

For the first time in Brazil, the American company Link Education has chosen the city of Florianópolis to host its first event in the country. The workshop took place last Sunday and brought together recognized figures in the fitness industry to discuss international market trends and scientific findings related to training and sports nutrition. “We are very pleased with the success of the event and how we were received by Brazilians. Believing in Education and understanding how it changes people’s lives, we always prioritize quality and competence in delivering our services, with our core values being personalized service, excellence, ethics, and efficiency. And that was no different here in Florianópolis,” highlighted Jacqueline Zieff, CEO of Link Education.

With a degree in Nutrition and Physical Education, a master’s in Human Physiology, and a doctorate and postdoctoral degree in Sciences, Dr. Frank Bacurau initiated the event by discussing the scientific perspective behind the results.

Holding a degree in Fitness from Plymouth State University, where he excelled in his studies, Éric Wilson was the second speaker, bringing his expertise of over 20 years of professional experience in the field and deep knowledge in biomechanics and morphology.

The event also featured the participation of Professor Waldemar Guimarães, author of more than 15 books and responsible for guiding several athletes in professional rankings of boxing, gymnastics, bodybuilding, and other combat sports in Brazil and Europe. “The workshop was incredible. It’s not the first time I’ve seen Professor Waldemar, and as always, he displays knowledge and experiences that few people in the world possess. The event was important for young individuals and anyone looking for better education as well as the opportunity to study in other countries,” said Marco Merhej, CEO of Bad Boy.

Mechanisms and impacts in exercise prescription for weight loss promotion, efficiency indicators for formulating diets aimed at fat loss while maintaining muscle, medium and long-term diet strategies for weight loss, and ineffective practices in diet, exercise, and weight loss with consequences related to hormonal changes were among the topics covered. During the occasion, professionals also provided tips for those aiming to pursue an international career in the field.

With nearly a decade of operation, Link Education USA, headquartered in Boston, United States, aims to assist professionals in advancing their knowledge fields and obtaining globally recognized certificates through practical experiences and online education in their own language.



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