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Jacqueline Zieff: Entrepreneur and Owner of LinK Education USA

A strong woman leaves an impact, but a strong woman who uplifts other women can change the world. This holds true for Jacqueline Zieff, an entrepreneur, woman, and mother, who strives daily to foster the growth and independence of numerous women, thus reshaping their world.

Born in Curitiba, Paraná, she arrived in Boston in 1989 with the intention of bringing her grandparents to visit her uncles. She chose to remain for a few months to study English at Harvard, and subsequently pursued Marketing studies at Northeastern University in Boston. Marriage, children, and life then settled into the rhythm of stability in the US.

She holds degrees in English from Harvard and Marketing from Northeastern. While she took time off to dedicate herself to her children, she soon felt the urge to reenter the workforce, and a multitude of opportunities presented themselves. Owing to her connections with a personal trainer school in Boston, she established a department catering to Brazilians aiming to become personal trainers in the United States while studying in Portuguese.

“As time went on, I founded my own Personal Training school and international Fitness courses, known as Link Education USA. We’re the sole institution in the country authorized to train Personal trainers in Portuguese and Spanish. Our scope expanded to include medical and dental courses, and today, we represent NYU with dental training programs, collaborating with American surgeons, and providing international medical training in foreign languages,” she elaborates.

The courses confer certificates issued by prominent institutions such as NYU, Cornell Medical School, and the American Academy of Personal Training. Master instructors are approved by these institutions that award certificates to students. Thus, credibility and quality are assured.

Her daily inspiration revolves around disseminating education globally and opening doors for professionals who don’t speak Portuguese, enabling them to attain degrees and qualifications. “It’s immensely gratifying to know that we’re dismantling language barriers and extending American education to the rest of the world,” she underscores.

At Link Education USA, 95% of the staff comprises women, fostering an atmosphere of support and equal opportunities for all. Jacqueline is one who encourages novel ideas, initiatives, and suggestions, while particularly motivating everyone within the institution to grow both professionally and personally. This stems from her understanding of the transformative power of an opportunity in a woman’s life.

“I believe that when they grow professionally and personally, the company grows alongside them. I sincerely hope that one day, all companies will offer women the opportunity to grow and be respected, just as Link provides for its professionals. When women earn this professional respect, they will take pride in themselves and believe in their potential,” she asserts.

She believes that everything is interconnected: if a woman garners professional respect, she will believe in herself, empower herself, and no longer tolerate abusive situations to secure financial stability. A financially independent woman comprehends her worth and “doesn’t have to endure anything.”

Jacqueline admires strong women who comprehend that the world is evolving and opportunities aren’t exclusive to men. She also appreciates the honor women have in being mothers and the potential to influence others’ development through love, patience, and wisdom. As a mother herself, she fully appreciates the value of this affection. With her children embarking on college, her heart, brave yet nurturing, seeks to savor every moment before they leave the nest.

“My greatest dream was to become a mother, and I’ve already achieved that dream. My second dream is to establish an orphanage, and I’ll soon be in a position to fulfill it,” she declares.

And, naturally, we’re certain she will succeed, for when a woman discovers the reservoir of strength within herself, there are no boundaries to her accomplishments.


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