American Professional Education Institute (APEI)


APEI is one of the main leaders in the American fitness education industry, offering opportunities for professionals to obtain fitness certificates and advanced training.

LINK Education USA is APEI’s exclusive international partner offering their American Personal Fitness Certificate program in foreign languages around the world as well as continuing education courses for their international graduates.

MedEd Labs



Labs provides education and medical facilities for doctors, dentists and surgeons to practice the latest industry techniques using state-of-the-art equipment and high quality human specimens.

LINK Education USA is a proud partner of MedEd Labs, a major contributor to medical, dental and surgical training in the United States. LINK Education USA works closely with MedEd Labs to bring the best hands-on training experiences for professional advancement.

Human Performance Specialist (HPS)


HPS is a unique and progressive company offering cutting-edge courses that focus on technology and the performance of the human body. HPS also specializes in nationally recognized CPR/AED certification classes which are offered by licensed instructors. HPS works exclusively with LINK Education USA to bring the American Red Cross Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation licenses to non-English speaking students in the United States and abroad.



TrainerMD® is the leader in next-gen human performance.

After years of research and innovation, TrainerMD® advanced lifestyle management platform aims to provide scientific information to professionals in the health, fitness, nutrition and wellness industries for the benefit of the ultimate human performance. LINK Education USA has works with TrainerMD to become their international partner, distributing their platform and training users worldwide.