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The Market Sees Growth in Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches

By: André Luis Cia- More than just aiding future clients in their pursuit of the ideal body, students seeking training in the fields of personal training and nutrition coaching (a profession that assists in behavioral change related to dietary habits) are primarily focused on enhancing quality of life.

Even before the pandemic, these professionals had a demand, and now, with the global stabilization of the disease, interest in these careers has surged. Another allure is the salary these professionals can earn. In the US, for instance, they can earn anywhere from $29,000 to $69,000 annually.

Link Education is the sole school worldwide that offers a Portuguese program with a certificate recognized by the American Department of Education. Both courses are offered online in Portuguese and have a duration of three months, making it easier for those seeking an international career and the opportunity to legally live outside of Brazil to balance work and study. Two guest professors invited by Link Education, Poliana Miranda Roberto and Frank Bacurau, discussed the challenges facing these fields in the new reality.

Poliana, a nutritionist, points out that nutrition coaches, for example, are on the rise, especially in this post-pandemic phase. “During the most critical period of Covid-19, many people were forced to stay confined to their homes. As a result, they became more sedentary. This is where the coach’s work, in partnership with the personal trainer, comes into play.”

She explains that together, they devise a plan that will change their clients’ lifestyle by encouraging intelligent choices. “It’s not about being a luxury profession, but rather a real necessity that will impact their daily lives and future. That’s why we have more and more students graduating in these fields, as the market is thriving. There are numerous job opportunities, and salaries are quite lucrative.” Another point highlighted by Poliana pertains to disease prevention, as a healthy diet coupled with physical activity routines will reflect in people’s daily lives. This applies to both athletes and regular individuals. Bacurau holds degrees in physical education and nutrition.

He emphasizes that the human body has the capacity to adapt to the stimuli it receives and that this can be beneficial if utilized well with the incorporation of good habits. “This is where the work of personal trainers and nutrition coaches comes in. They induce positive adaptations in the body that promote health.”

However, he states that it’s important to follow up with the same professionals who prescribed the diets and exercises to achieve results. “The majority of clients know what they need to do, that is, exercise and eat well, but almost none of them know how to do it correctly. That’s why these professionals are becoming increasingly essential in the market because they offer ongoing support. These professions are becoming benchmarks in the industry.”

Regarding salaries, Bacurau stated that, on average, a coach working with Brazilians (without English proficiency) earns $70 per hour, while those who are proficient in the language can earn up to $200. “These are very attractive salaries that justify the investment.”

VISAS With Link Education’s courses, students can initiate immigration processes through the American consular sector. These processes typically take between eight to 18 months. Required documents include: diploma, resume, letter of recommendation, awards, and honors related to the personal training and nutritionist careers in the United States.

Link Education offers courses that streamline the immigration process for Brazilians abroad, including the United States, Europe, and Japan. Additionally, they provide over 100 online courses with certifications that serve as ongoing education to validate the professional careers of Brazilians outside Brazil.


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