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Why is American education so valued around the world?

In the United States, legislation makes education compulsory until the beginning of adolescence, that is, the citizen has the right to study. The educational structure has the majority of primary and secondary students (High School) enrolled in public schools.

The educational system is offered by three distinct educational spheres – federal, state and municipal, that is, it is completely decentralized.

Recognized for their quality education, schools in the American education system are very flexible and encourage academic freedom by making students discover new skills and talents.

American education has a very specific purpose, which is very different than many countries around the world. In the USA, the experience of learning is valued and a life skills and students starts to reflect on how learning will influence their lives. In Brazil , for example, most students study only to pass exams!

College education is a must in the American culture and essential to enter the work force.

Colleges are paid in the USA, including state and federal universities. So parents start saving for college even before their children are born.

Colleges usually offer scholarships to students with special talents on musical, academics, sporting, artistic merit etc. Scholarships make it possible for students, who already have a natural skill, to financially benefit in college. Scholarships motivate students to focus on developing their talents early on in life.

An interesting fact about American college education is that students take admission tests (SAT or ACT) to attend better colleges. But the result of such tests do no stop a student to attend colleges. It only makes you a better qualified candidate for the best colleges in the USA. In the United States, the average salary of workers with higher education is $10,000 above the salary of workers without college degrees.

In summary, education is embedded in the American culture. Both private industries and the government invest enormously on promoting education among the youth. American society values people who better themselves through knowledge and education. And Americans are proud of their colleges.

As a result, America’s rich appreciation for education is perceived positively around the world and the United States exports education better than any other country.

American education certainly opens doors to not only Americans, but to any student who have a chance to complete a program in the United States.